The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Pinterest Perfect Nursery

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There were so many things I went too far on during (and after…) pregnancy. And when I say too far, I mean I bought way more than I needed. It was my first time being a mom and I wanted to be as prepared as possible. This was especially true in setting up a nursery. While I still am in love with it, I let myself get carried away with decorations. Let’s face it, my boy doesn’t care if everything in his room matches and there is a functional fung shui to the room.

But I care.

I bought all sorts of devices that I thought would make my life easier. In hindsight, I really didn’t need any of them. However, I am an artist! And as such, I had to be sure my child’s room was a work of art. Here is my ultimate guide to a Pinterest Perfect nursery!

Pick a Theme

Kenai’s room

A theme has to be your starting point. Themes give you direction and categorize your thoughts on what options you have for your nursery. Everything will stem from the theme you choose. Theme can be colors, a cartoon, a movie, a book, the list goes on! The only criteria is that it has to be CONCISE. You have to pick one thing and stick with it for your Pinterest perfect baby room.

Finding Nemo has been a cornerstone film for me ever since my grandma passed away. It’s a movie that is linked to many of my good (and bad) memories. I wanted to connect this movie to more good memories: the memory of my first born. So I decided on Finding Nemo to be the theme for my nursery.

Tip: To make your life easier, try to pick a theme that is popular enough to be able to find stuff to decorate the nursery.

Pick The Main Colors

If your theme is simply a collection of colors then congratulations! You have already completed this step. If not, then here is your next fun step: colors! To pick room colors, you don’t want too many, and you don’t want too little. Having only two colors will make the room look flat and uninteresting. Picking over six colors will make the room too busy and unorganized. I like to stick to about five colors. Three of the colors would be directly from the theme and then two neutrals.

For my Finding Nemo theme, I went with blue, green, and orange. As for the neutrals, I already had a piece of furniture that was going in his room: a dark brown and bright white dresser. I decided to match all of my other furniture to those two colors.

Tip: An easy way to start is to buy a decoration that goes with your theme that you really like and pick the colors from that!


Grab Your Essential Nursery Furniture

Start with a crib. The crib should be one of your neutral colors that you picked from earlier. A good crib option is one that comes with a changing table and can also convert. This cuts a LOT of price corners!

Another way to save some money is to skip a changing table all together and turn the top of your dresser into a changing table. To do this, just buy a changing table pad and put it on top of the dresser. Be sure to get one that is CONTOURED so your newest addition doesn’t roll off, such as the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad. You can stick all of your diaper changing supplies in the top drawer for easy access! Remember to keep all your furniture within your theme colors.

The next necessity to take care of is some sort of rocking chair. My life was made WAY easier with this holy grail. I have babysat for families that didn’t own a rocking chair and to this day I have no idea how they managed. Putting these babies to bed was a NIGHTMARE because they wanted to be rocked to sleep. The best I could do for them was work on my glutes and bounce them to sleep. So the rocking chair is not an option in my opinion.

Photo by on Unsplash

The final essential included in this list is a bassinet. I didn’t realize I needed this before having my son. After sleeping right next to my boy for three nights in the hospital, I quickly understood that I couldn’t bear to put him all alone in his room. So as soon as we got home, I had my dad run out and pick up a basic bassinet from Walmart. Your bassinet doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Just safe! I felt so much relief having my brand new baby right next to me while I slept!

Get Some Decor!

Alright guys… this is the BEST part of creating your Pinterest Perfect nursery! The room is about to come together.

For the floor, if you don’t have carpet, you should probably get one for playing on the floor.

On the walls, have a good combination of shelves and hanging photos. I found this really unique shelf from a thrift store for only $10! Think about hanging up some different textures on the walls as well. For example, I have a small wooden painting and I hung up a quilt that came with his bedding set. This will add some dimension and character to the room.

On top of furniture, a nice lamp, stuffed animals, or cute nick nacks are all great choices! I scour thrift shops and department stores alike. When looking for decorative pieces for the room, try not to be too strict about staying inside the theme. As long as you stay within the main colors you chose, the nursery should come together nicely.

In Kenai’s room, I have an orange teddy bear and a blue teddy bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Since they are the same colors as my theme, I set them up on top of his dresser as decoration. Even though bears don’t go with the Finding Nemo theme I created, it still works because they are two of my main colors! Make sense?

While it is perfectly acceptable to buy every piece of decor, making some of it yourself would make the room even more special! If you aren’t very creative, that’s okay! The best way to create a Pinterest perfect room is to use Pinterest for some inspiration!

Tip: Make your baby shower theme the same as your nursery theme so that you can use the decor from the baby shower for the nursery or vice versa.

If you are having some “artist’s block” and don’t know where to start looking for ideas, look no further than Pinterest! I’m sure you’ll find something helpful. And while you are there, pin this guide for other who want to create a Pinterest Perfect Nursery!

Peace be with you,



  • Debby

    This is truly a beautiful pinterest perfect nursery. I bought simple furniture and then added inexpensive accessories that could easily be replaced as my kids grew. In their first apartments, they both have their initial infant dresser drawers. Buying timeless pieces is key!

  • Misti watkins

    My baby’s nursery was pink walls with one wall all white shiplap :)! Grey and white decor! A wooden house bookshelf !! And pops of color I’m the shelves 🙂 i love it so much!

  • Beth Schoen

    What a well-written post! I didn’t have a nursery as most German families don’t. However, I considered it and one of the things that held me back was just basically getting started. I really liked how your post took away that intimidation. You really started with basic ideas and built on top of that. Great post! Beth,

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