My Life


I never imagined months prior to graduating that I would be married and thousands of miles across the country. If you had told me that was where my life was going, I would have laughed in your face. Little did I know the adventure the next 4 years of my life would bring me.

Our first picture together

In early April, I met my future husband – Josh. It is interesting how one decision can change the entire course of your life. One of my high school friends invited to my friend’s house on a whim that day. Normally, I wouldn’t have gone because I am the type of person that needs at least a day’s amount of head’s up before committing to anything. But I decided to go. I took the path less traveled. As did Josh.


It was definitely love at first sight, a month later we were dating! Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to when we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We were still teenagers without responsability and could just have fun. I would soon go through a couple of the worst months I’ve experienced shortly after. Josh had enlisted into the Marines and left for boot camp that August. The only contact we had with each other during these three months was through handwritten letters (which I still have all of to this day).

Josh at Boot Camp

Not only did the love of my life leave me in August, but that same month I was moving 2 hours away from my family to attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando. So I also left all the people who loved me unconditionally. Suddenly, I found myself in a foreign land, alone and miserable. I don’t think there was a day I was there when I didn’t cry. My roommate hated my guts (I don’t blame her). Every Friday I would drive myself all the way home and on Sunday drive myself all the way back.

In October, Josh’s boot camp was officially over! I drove with my family and his to North Carolina to see him graduate and then we drove him back home during his week break.¬† Josh proposed to me during this time and we were getting married that December. I only had a couple of months to plan a wedding!

Our wedding!


February rolls around and I am about to fly out to my future home in California where my new husband is stationed. This is the beginning of my “stressed yet blessed” life. This is where my generalized anxiety disorder began. Ironically, this is also where the best adventure I have been through thus far would begin. This is my mommy blog for those who seek that peaceful feeling despite the stresses in life. By sharing my own stories, I hope to demonstrate what I have learned and show you are not fighting your mama battles alone!

Peace be with you,